The Petition Song

from by Sam Steffen



When your employer works you harder than you’re paid to
And you can’t ask for a raise cause you’re afraid to
And your money can’t be spent on anything except the rent
And you pray it will relent but nothing saves you

Hurry up, don’t wait
Don’t you flinch or hesitate
You got one chance to change your fate, it can’t be missed
If you got reason to complain
Against your labor or your pain
Step forth and put your name down on this list

When the doctor asks to see a form of payment
Fore he’ll lift a broken man up off the pavement
And he’ll tell you with a smile you only need to rest a while
And then he’ll charge you for what he calls the entertainment


When the judge seldomer forgives than incarcerates
And crime numbers are inconsistent with arrest rates
And if you can’t afford the fine, you’ll have to do the time
For holding drugs that have been legalized in some states


When money’s the only way to climb the ladder
And the fat cats at the top keep getting fatter
And the poor folk and the bums, everybody on the bottom rung
Have been told from early on that they just don’t matter


When your rights have been put up on the block for auction
And they’d sooner shoot than speak to take precaution
And non-resistance no longer is the way to go
On account of it no longer is an option



from Ain't It a Pity?, released July 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Sam Steffen Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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